Jolly Hard Times - MCMG Live Stream

Sonntag, 29. Nov. 2020 um 18:00

World Wide Web


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Neue Musik

What to do when the curiosity of artists about each other is limited by a virus? And encounters are inevitably reduced to virtual space? If a concert tour from Munich to Georgia were to fail, if colleagues could only play among themselves here and there - would there not be the World Wide Web?

There are more possibilities than what is usually done today. The Munich Contemporary Music Group (MCMG), together with voice artist Julia Wahren, is not only doing a live stream. They make distance and obstacles the subject of their music and their performance. They interact with the audience.

They send Munich Soundscapes to Georgia to transform them into new Tbilisi music. And the colleagues from there also send something for the Munich folks to work with. And they all play together, yes, despite the distance of thousands of kilometres and despite nearly one minute that their bits and bytes need for the journey.

Experimental music, experimental language, across borders and genres. Interactive, risky, funny and highly communicative.

One hundred percent today.

November 29, 2020 AT 6:00 P.M.

MCMG: Karina Erhard - flute | Eka Kuparadze - piano | Christoph Reiserer - saxophone, clarinet | Georg Karger - bass
Guests: Julia Wahren - voice (Munich, Germany) | Christopher Manning and Zuka Mchedlishvili (Tbilisi, Georgia)


Julia Wahren (*1968)
Infectious intermezzo after Kurt Schwitters for voice and ensemble

Michael Emanuel Bauer (*1974)
for voice, flute and piano (2019)

Karina Erhard (*1972), Julia Wahren
High Hygiene
Corona rules for ensemble and voice

Christoph Reiserer (*1966)
for ensemble and audience
(2020) UA

Karina Erhard, Julia Wahren
Loloop for John Donne. Nobody Is an Island.
for ensemble, loop and voice
Texts: Albert Camus ‘The Plague’; John Donne ‘Nobody Is an Island’

Ensemble MCMG, Christopher Manning, Zuka Mchedlishvili

Georg Karger (*1956)
CORONAVERSE Munich Soundscape
Double stream with ensembles and recording

All pieces - except Brainf*ck - were written and developed in 2020 and are world and web-premieres.

This event is funded by the Culture Department of the City of Munich

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